Night Fourteen Recap of the 2016 NJPW G1 Climax

I have now reached night 14 of the 2016 G1 Climax, and it was another solid show of wrestling. This card was much more technical, and there were a lot of slow-paced bouts.

Block B Match- Toru Yano vs Michael Elgin

The opener for night 14 was just like every other Toru Yano match, as he battled Michael Elgin it was another snooze fest. Even the IWGP Intercontinental Champion could not get a good match out of Yano.

The match began with Yano trying to outsmart Elgin, as he went for a handshake and then attempted to kick Elgin. However, Elgin held the handshake and wrenched at the hand of Yano until he made it to the ropes.

Yano tried to stay on the ropes for quite some time, but Elgin began to bounce Yano off the ropes hitting him with many punches. He now body slammed Yano and landed his springboard splash on to his opponent.

Yano now turned to his cheating ways by taking off the turnbuckle pad, but Elgin caught him and hit a German suplex. Yano then grabbed the pad and tried to swing at Elgin, but Elgin ducked and hit an enzigiri to the back of Yano’s head.

Elgin now hit clotheslines to the chest and back of Yano, before going for a clothesline off the ropes. He was stopped on the running clothesline and Yano slammed him to the ground by pulling his beard.

Yano then got Elgin to run into the exposed turnbuckle, but Elgin was not phased and he just became angrier. Elgin now hit a stalling suplex, and then ran off the ropes to hit a big clothesline.

Elgin now went for the buckle bomb, but Yano slipped out and trapped Elgin’s arms. Yano then grabbed the referee and hit two low blows to the Intercontinental Champion, he followed the low blows with a roll-up for the big upset win.

Winner: Toru Yano (8pts)

Rating: 4/10

Block B Match- YOSHI-HASHI vs Katsuyori Shibata

The second match of the card I was very excited about, and it was a match between Katsuyori Shibata and YOSHI-HASHI. The match began with HASHI landing some very stiff forearms, that Shibata responded from with a big kick.

HASHI then found himself on the apron, and Shibata ran hitting a big boot to the face of HASHI sending him into the barricade. Shibata then threw HASHI into all the barricades, before throwing him back in the ring and hitting some stomps.

Shibata then started to work on HASHI’s knee and locked in a figure-four leg lock, this hold lasted quite a few minutes. HASHI finally did make it to the ropes, but then Shibata continued his attack on HASHI’s knee with many strikes.

Shibata then ran with HASHI into the corner and hit a big boot right to the jaw of HASHI. HASHI then fell to a seated position in the corner, and Shibata ran hitting the hesitation dropkick right to the face of HASHI.

Shibata then hit a single arm lock float over a suplex, and then tried to continue his attack. Both men now began trading strikes, and they were throwing some vicious forearms and chops.

HASHI ended up coming out of the strike-off successful, he hit a big clothesline as Shibata came off the ropes. He then went off on Shibata with some stiff forearms in the corner, and he then hit a big chop to Shibata’s chest.

HASHI then hung Shibata on the top rope, and he ran off the ropes to hit a big dropkick to the back of Shibata. HASHI now got Shibata back up for a big powerbomb and float over pin for a two-count.

HASHI now went to the top rope and dove with the rolling senton, but Shibata rolled out of the way. Shibata then went for a kick to HASHI’s chest, but he was caught and HASHI hit a strong superkick to the jaw of Shibata.

He then locked in an innovative submission to work on the taped-up shoulder of Shibata, but did not get a submission. HASHI ended up lifting Shibata back up to hit a forearm and then bounce off the ropes for a clothesline.

HASHI now went to the top rope once again, and this time he was able to hit his diving rolling senton. HASHI now went for Karma, but Shibata hit a knee to HASHI’s face and locked in a double under hook submission.

Shibata did not get the victory out of the hold, but he turned the hold into a suplex from the same hold. Shibata now grabbed HASHI for a sleeper hold until he was out in a seated position, and Shibata now bounced off the ropes for the PK and his fourth win of the tournament.

Winner: Katsuyori Shibata (8pts)

Rating: 7/10

Block B Match- Katsuhiko Nakajima vs Tomoaki Honma

The middle of this card had Katsuhiko Nakajima squaring off with Tomoaki Honma. The match began with Nakajima and Honma trading shoulder blocks, strikes, and kicks.

Nakajima began to gain some control when he reversed a headbutt from Honma and then hit a kick to Honma’s face. Both men then ended up on the apron, and Nakajima hit a DDT to Honma on the ‘hardest part of the ring.’

On the outside of the ring, Nakajima threw Honma into the ring post, and he then ran on the apron kicking Honma right in the chest. He then threw Honma into the steel barricade and booted him over into the crowd.

Back in the ring Nakajima locked Honma into head scissors and wrenched at the neck of his opponent. Honma eventually made it to the ropes, and then both men traded forearms until Nakajima hit a DDT.

Nakajima now went for the brainbuster, but Honma reversed it into a suplex of his own. Honma now hits some forearms, chops, and slaps before hitting a falling headbutt onto his opponent.

Honma then tried to continue his offence, but Nakajima caught him with a dragon screw hurting the knee of Honma. He then hit a big boot to Honma in the corner and then a kick directly to the chest of Honma.

Nakajima now went to the top rope and hit a diving missile dropkick to Honma. These men then traded many strikes and kicks, until Nakajima hit a German suplex that Honma no sold and hit a clothesline.

Both men then began to trade strikes once again, and then Honma hit two headbutts to take down Nakajima. Honma then got Nakajima up and hit an inverted piledriver, dropping Nakajima on his head.

Honma then went to the top rope and went for his finishing diving headbutt, but Nakajima rolled out of the way. Honma then went to the second rope, but Nakajima caught him again hitting a spinning heel kick.

Nakajima now hit a belly-to-back suplex and went for the brainbuster, but Honma slipped out. Honma now hit a headbutt and then Irish whipped him on the ropes, but Nakajima hit a dropkick.

Nakajima now hit two superkicks to the face of Honma, a PK, and then finally lifted him up to hit a brainbuster. This gave Nakajima the win and eight points in the tournament.

Winner: Katsuhiko Nakajima (8pts)

Rating: 7/10

Block B Match- Kenny Omega vs Yuji Nagata

The semi-main event of night 14 was a bout between Kenny Omega and Yuji Nagata. The match began with some simple lock-ups, until Omega used a dirty tactic, an eye rake, to gain control.

He then went for a big back elbow in the corner, but Nagata moved out of the way. Nagata then started with his strikes and hit many forearms and kicks to Omega.

Omega came back with a dirty dropkick to the knee of Nagata, and he then went to work on the knee of his opponent. Omega dragged Nagata’s injured knee to the apron and started to slam Nagata’s knee on the ring apron.

Back in the ring now Omega locked in a kneebar and continued to wrench on the injured knee of Nagata. Nagata did make a slight comeback when he hit a knee lift to Omega’s ribs, and he then hit some kicks to the chest of Omega.

Nagata now hit a big boot to Omega’s face in the corner, and he then hit an exploder suplex. Nagata then went for another suplex, but Omega slipped out attacked Nagata’s knee and then hit the float over bulldog.

Omega then hit the rolling fireman’s carry and instantly went to the middle rope for a moonsault. Omega now went for the gut-wrench powerbomb, but Nagata turned that into a gut wrench suplex.

Nagata then went for a big boot, but Omega reversed it into an enzigiri and then hit a dragon suplex. He then bounced off the ropes for a devastating V-trigger for a two-count.

Omega then bounced off the ropes for another V-trigger and knocked Nagata to the outside. Omega tried to join Nagata on the outside, but he was caught on the apron and Nagata landed an exploder suplex sending Omega to the ground.

These men then traded forearms, and then Nagata hung Omega on the ropes and hit a twisting neck breaker. Nagata followed that by hitting Omega with a brainbuster and he then went off on Omega with many forearms.

Nagata then hit a spinning heel kick, but Omega fell back and ran back at him hitting a V-trigger. Omega now went for the finish, but Nagata turned that into an armbar.

Omega did eventually make it to the ropes, and then Nagata placed Omega on the top rope looking for an avalanche exploder suplex. However, Omega flipped over and got Nagata in position for the One-Winged Angel, but Nagata slipped out.

Nagata then hit an enzigiri and went for the finish, but Omega hit another V-trigger that Nagata no sold and hit an exploder. Omega no-sold the exploder as well, and he came running back at Nagata hitting yet another V-trigger.

Omega now finally got Nagata up on his shoulders and hit the One-Winged Angel for the pin-fall. This win gives Omega eight points in the tournament.

Winner: Kenny Omega (8pts)

Rating: 7.5/10

Block B Match- Tetsuya Naito vs EVIL


The main event of night 14 of the 2016 G1 Climax was a battle between Tetsuya Naito and EVIL. The match began with EVIL hitting some strong forearms until Naito rolled out and taunted his opponent with his pose of ‘Tranquilo.’

Naito ended up on the apron and he traded strikes with EVIL who was inside the ring. EVIL gained control here hitting a big forearm and then hitting a running clothesline turning Naito inside out on the apron.

Now on the outside of the ring EVIL threw Naito into the barricade and then drove a chair into his ribs. He then put a chair on the head of Naito and using another chair swung hitting the chair on Naito’s head.

Back in the ring EVIL used more dirty tactics rubbing his elbow across the eyes of Naito, and then stomping on his head. He then locked in a chin lock, and when Naito tried to escape, he hit a chop and then a senton.

EVIL now went for the fisherman buster, but Naito blocked it and hit a tornado DDT. Naito then hit a hip toss, then a dropkick to the face, and then a neck breaker to finish the sequence.

Naito now hit an atomic drop and then put EVIL in the corner for his signature sequence with the leg sweep and dropkick. Naito then attacked the knee of EVIL hitting a dropkick to it, and then driving the knee into the mat.

Naito then locked in a figure-four leg lock to continue working on the knee, until EVIL made it to the ropes. After the work on the knee, Naito went for a side slam, but EVIL slipped out and hit a fisherman buster.

EVIL now hit a clothesline in the corner and then went to the top rope to hit a diving clothesline. EVIL followed that with a half-nelson suplex, and then another clothesline turning Naito inside out.

EVIL now hit Naito with the powerbomb from the fireman’s carry position, and he then attempted the Everything is Evil. However, Naito flipped over and locked EVIL into a kneebar on the already injured knee.

EVIL did make it to the ropes, and then Naito put EVIL on the top rope and hit an avalanche hurricanrana. Naito then got him up and hit an arm trapped side slam for a two count.

He then went for a Destino, but Evil caught him in the air and hit a power slam. Both men now traded powerful forearms trying to hurt each other, and this ended when Naito hitting a reverse DDT.

Naito then went for the Destino again, but he was caught with a headbutt from EVIL. EVIl then hit a spinning forearm, and then another powerful clothesline.

EVIL now finally picked him up for Everything is Evil, but Naito blocked and flipped over into the Destino. That was enough for Naito and it gave him another win in the tournament.

Winner: Tetsuya Naito (10pts)

Rating: 8/10

This was the end to night 14 of the 2016 G1 Climax, it was a very solid show and I enjoyed the main event. This was a night where all the favourites won, except for the opener with Toru Yano.


Tetsuya Naito – 10 Points

Michael Elgin – 8 Points

Katsuhiko Nakajima – 8 Points

Kenny Omega – 8 Points

Katsuyori Shibata– 8 Points

Toru Yano – 8 Points

YOSHI-HASHI – 6 Points

Yuji Nagata – 6 Points

Tomoaki Honma – 4 Points

EVIL – 4 Points

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