Night Four Recap of the 2016 NJPW G1 Climax

Night four of the G1 Climax saw Block B put on a solid show, with two amazing matchups to close the night. Tetsuya Naito and Katsuyori Shibata really shined as stars on this show.

Block B Match- Tomoaki Honma vs YOSHI-HASHI

The matchup between Tomoaki Honma and YOSHI-HASHI was not amazing or horrible at the same time, it was a very mediocre battle. It was actually quite slow, before the final few minutes.

The early stages of the match were slightly hard to stay focused on, and due to so many lock-ups, I found myself in a state of boredom. The slowness did eventually turn into some entertainment when we got to the end of the match.

HASHI’s somersault neck breaker was the beginning of the end, as we then saw some entertaining superkicks from HASHI as well. Honma had his own moments with his plethora of headbutts, that impacted HASHI greatly.

The close to the bout saw Honma drop HASHI on his head as he had him over his shoulder. Once HASHI was out, Honma finished the match with his diving headbutt for the win.

Winner: Tomoaki Honma (4pts)

Rating: 5.5/10

Block B Match- EVIL vs Yuji Nagata

The battle between EVIL and Yuji Nagata would have been the weakest match of night four if it was not for the comedy matchup that followed it. Nagata and EVIL put on an extremely boring matchup with a very weird ending.

The entire match consisted of EVIL attacking Nagata’s weak knee, and he focused on that the whole time. He used different knee locks, elbows to the knee, and even a chair to the knee at one point.

EVIL had control up until the final thirty seconds, where he surprisingly lost. Nagata hit a spinning heel kick, and two of his belly-to-back suplexes to get the win after being destroyed for 10 minutes.

Winner: Yuji Nagata (4 pts)

Rating: 5/10

Block B Match- Kenny Omega vs Toru Yano

The bout between Kenny Omega and Toru Yano was easily the weakest match of the night, as it was just a comedy bout. There was no wrestling, just a bunch of spots trying to make the crowd laugh.

There was hitting with the turnbuckle pad, use of the exposed turnbuckle, spraying freezing spray into Yano’s eyes, a lot of eye pokes, and excessive hair pulling. Then both men would trade low-blows behind the referees back.

I personally do not enjoy matches like this, as it just takes from the wrestler’s skill. If two men can put on a good match, I cannot understand doing something like this.

The close to this match had the referee being thrown back and forth by the opponents until Omega finally hit a v-trigger on Yano. After the first v-trigger, Omega hit another to get the pin-fall.

Winner: Kenny Omega (2pts)

Rating: 4/10

Block B Match- Katsuyori Shibata vs Katsuhiko Nakajima

Katsuyori Shibata and Katsuhiko Nakajima put on a fantastic match, that had some hard-hitting and great wrestling. Both men showcased their educated hands and feet very well.

Nakajima had control of the match at the start and was able to get some good damage on Shibata. He hit him with dozens of stiff forearms and also hit an amazing hesitation dropkick in the corner.

Shibata came back in the match when he was taking forearms and started begging for more. He followed that with many forearms of his own, and then his own hesitation dropkick. His dropkick was much more devastating, as he drove both his feet into Nakajima’s face.

There was also the great sequence where Nakajima hit a belly-to-back suplex that Shibata got right back up from and hit a German suplex of his own. Nakajima also got right up and then both men went for a big boot taking each other out.

Nakajima got some momentum when he hit a German suplex on Shibata into the corner, and followed that with two superkicks. However, Shibata did not let this finish him, and he used that as motivation.

Shibata would lock Nakajima in with a sleeper hold, bringing him to the ground and then hitting the PK for his first win of the tournament.

Winner: Katsuyori Shibata (2pts)

Rating: 8/10

Block B Match- Tetsuya Naito vs Michael Elgin


The main event of the evening was a great match that showcased Michael Elgin’s power and Tetsuya Naito’s tricky way of working his opponents. Elgin took Naito out with many big moves, and Naito worked Elgin’s knee perfectly.

Naito worked so well as a heel in this match, finding multiple different ways to take out the leg of his much bigger opponent. Trapping Elgin’s leg in the barricade was great, as well as catching him in the ropes to hurt the knee.

Elgin had many instances to showcase his power, like with his slingshot catching powerslam that he beautifully delivered. He also hit Naito with a running death valley driver into the corner, the moved looked so brutal.

Elgin did not only showcase his power but his agility as well. He hit multiple enzigiris, a diving splash, and the avalanche sit-out powerbomb from the top rope.

However, Naito would be the one that stole the show with his sequence to end the matchup. He first reversed a buckle-bomb from Elgin into a poisonrana, dropping Elgin on his head. He followed that with a rolling wheel-kick to stun Elgin.

Elgin would make a small comeback, but Naito was able to reverse his stalling suplex into a Destino. He then hit a proper Destino right after and picked up the two points.

Winner: Tetsuya Naito (2pts)

Rating: 8.5/10

Overall, night 4 started off fairly slow but the final two matches really saved the show as a whole. I am also very interested in seeing what happens with Michael Elgin since he is the IWGP Intercontinental Champion and lost both his matches. I want to see his bounce back from this slow start.


Yuji Nagata – 4 Points

Tomoaki Honma – 4 Points

Katsuhiko Nakajima – 2 Points

YOSHI-HASHI – 2 Points

EVIL – 2 Points

Kenny Omega – 2 Points

Tetsuya Naito – 2 Points

Katsuyori Shibata– 2 Points

Michael Elgin – 0 Points

Toru Yano – 0 Points

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