Toronto Star Award Winning Article: Shooting for the Stars

Mary Ward put together a girl’s varsity basketball team this school year that will be remembered in the history books for many years to come. They had a record-breaking season finishing with thirteen wins and only one loss.

Led by coaches Mr. Rossi and Mrs. Ventura the team played every game with dominance and maturity. The girls looked like they had been playing together for years, and these coaches created a powerhouse of a team.

“The team had great teamwork, great communication, and their chemistry was just through the roof. That is what gave them their success,” said Mr. Rossi. The team had all the keys to success and that all began with their leadership. A strong coach and mentor is essential for success.

It took them no time to really take off, and the girls were playing at a top level from the first game of the season. The team had no trouble steamrolling through every single team

The bond and connection between my teammates and I, was very strong and full of respect and love for each other

All the girls played with amazing skill and looked like the gift of basketball came naturally to them. The players included Kyla Basa, Kaléah Smith, Sydney Sherwood, and Jyrah Manuyag – and they were just a few of the athletes bringing the team to the next level. Their basketball knowledge was evident on the court every game.

The girls not only were teammates, but they created a bond like a family. Through all their success they knew they could rely on each other for support and to give their team the best possible outcomes. If one of the girls had an off game, they always knew another one of the girls would step up.

A member of the team in grade twelve, Smith said, “The bond and connection between my teammates and I was very strong and full of respect and love for each other. How well we worked on the court was just a portrayal of how strong we were.” They were a lot more than just a basketball team; there was a sisterly connection amongst the team members.

With the great leadership, skill, and teamwork the team was able to have an undefeated regular season. They carried that into the playoffs and had no problems in the quarter-finals and semi-finals. With that they were in the championship game.

Sadly, the girls did come up short in the finals to St. Joseph’s College. However, these girls have nothing to be ashamed of as they lost to a worthy competitor and they had an amazing season.

A girls’ basketball team such as this has not been seen at Mary Ward and the way the girls represented the school was impeccable. This team will be talked about for a long time to come and every girl on the team should be so proud of what they accomplished. We congratulate the team on this great season and we are very excited to see what this team will bring to the table next year!

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