Don Valley North Stays Liberal

Liberal MP, Han Dong, won the Don Valley North riding Oct. 21 receiving about 50 per cent of total votes.

Behind Dong was Conservative candidate, Sarah Fischer, receiving about 36 per cent of votes. Closely behind was NDP candidate, Bruce Griffin, with about 10 per cent of the votes.

According to Griffin these were good results considering he had to start his campaign much later than his competitors since the NDP Don Valley North riding did not have a leader very recently. When the election date was moved up, Griffin was rushed into his position and he said had to learn as he went along.

Griffin watched the election with his team of volunteers and many supporters, from Patio Indian restaurant. Despite the loss, his team still maintained a positive outlook on the election and the influence they expect from the NDP in the House of Commons.

“Any foot in the door is helpful, I think it’s good to have NDP sitting in the house because it keeps the other parties honest and it gives them a moral compass,” said Rebecca Thompson, a longtime volunteer of the NDP Don Valley North riding.

Among the supporters present, was the previous Don Valley North NDP candidate, Akil Sadikali. Sadikali said he still supports the NDP and has high hopes of what he wants to see from the party in the future.

“It doesn’t necessarily have to be a win or lose; it can be the influence. So, we really as a society want to push towards certain goals and an agenda, if we look at medicare, if we look at our other social programs we just need enough progressive people in parliament to push that agenda and it looks like we’re going to have 24 and a balance of power and that’s all we really need,” said Akil Sadikali, former Don Valley North NDP candidate.

The people in attendance were not overly enthusiastic about the Liberals being in power, however, there was a common feeling among the NDP supporters in regards to the Conservative party.

“I 99 per cent don’t like the Liberals being in power, I one per cent like it because the Conservatives are not in power,” said Hewr Dlear, a volunteer of Griffin’s campaign.

 Griffin, also kept a positive attitude, taking the loss as a learning experience and a way to prepare for the next election.

“This was a great experience for me, and I’ve learned a lot it’s like the old saying goes you learn a little bit, you understand how much more there is to know,” said Griffin. “So, I have access to tons of policy responses and policy ideas through my NDP website that I just haven’t had the chance to dig deep into so I can now read all that and take notes on that to prepare myself better for the next election” said Griffin, Don Valley North NDP candidate.

Griffin said he was gracious of his volunteers and all they did for him throughout his campaign. With the election being moved up, there was not a lot of time for Griffin to put together a campaign, making his volunteers that much more important.

“The people that helped me throughout all of this were huge, very helpful, and I am very appreciative of all their support and all they did to help my campaign,” Griffin said.

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